Since 2002, Marcello Bellei has been the tutor of the Classical Lute-making course for Stringed instruments at the Scuola di Liuteria di Pieve di Cento (Bologna).
Over the years he has passed on his knowledge to many students, some of whom have achieved excellent results in the field of violin making and have consequently gone on to take up this very profession.

The tradition of the school of Pieve di Cento

The school of Pieve was established in the last decade of the nineteenth century thanks to the Maker, Carlo Carletti. Student of the great masters of Bologna, Raffaele Fiorini and Augusto Pollastri, Maestro Carletti learned the art of Violin making and passed it on to many students including Natale, Orfeo and Nullo Carletti, Orsolo, Anselmo and Ulisse Gotti, Claudio Gamberini, thus giving rise to a tradition Lute making in the region.

In the 1980s, with Maestro Natale Carletti and his pupil, Maestro Benito Tosello, the School of Violin Making in Pieve di Cento was founded inasmuch as the course of artistic craftsmanship Centopievese.

In 2002, thanks to Maestro Lorenzo Frignani of Modena, a new Lute-making course for Classical Stringed Instruments was established. This course has ever since been coordinated by Maestro Lorenzo Frignani and held by M ° Marcello Bellei, where, following the traditions of the twentieth century Bologna, the students are prepared to deal with both the technical and theoretical difficulties that are encountered in the construction of musical instruments.

Form more info please visit scuolapievedicento.marcellobellei.it (site in Italian)

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